1st London Diagnostic Conference

The first London Diagnostic dermatopathology course has taken place with great success on an academic and social level. We were extremely grateful to Zeiss microscopes for their generous work in setting up the microscopes and the loan. These microscopes are of a superb quality and in excellent condition, perfect to view the exquisite cases from this amazing slide collection.

The food and venue received many raving comments and as part of the admin team I must agree the venue and food were great. There was excellent attendance and participation. New professional and social friendships were formed and by the looks of the people in the photos it seems they managed to be very studious and enjoy themselves socialising.

We are also very grateful to Roche for their sponsorship which enabled us to have a social dinner for the delegates. Thank you to Dr Damaskou for updating the slide collection boxes and managing the delegate enquiries in the auditorium.

Thank you as well to the delegates that participated , your friendliness, humour and helpfulness helped make the course a success.

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